Just Eat Dallas is your go-to spot for all things Dallas dining related brought to you by husband and wife team, Jackson and Cassidy.


After following as many Dallas Foodie Instagram accounts he could get his fingers on, Jackson became frustrated that there weren’t any accounts that did things the way he would do them.  So in secret, he created Just Eat Dallas and slowly started posting and gaining a small following.


Like most wives, Cassidy can always tell when Jackson is hiding something and quickly figured out what he was up to.  It wasn’t long before she took over doing things her way (which Jackson will say is the right way, like a good husband).


As a Dallasite you have a lot of choices where to spend your time and money, Just Eat Dallas focuses on the very best of the best and highlights where it is wise to spend your hard earned dollars. You will find reviews, giveaways, monthly roundups and Dallas dining news over here at Just Eat Dallas.  For their most in-depth reviews on particular dishes, follow their Instagram account to whet your appetite.