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18th and Vine: A KC Masterpiece of a Brunch

Sometimes a nice weekend brunch needs a little extra oomph to get you through a long day of football - 18th and Vine now provides that with their new brunch menu. All of their other bbq options are present so you can indulge on those amazing burnt ends or the best fried okra in town. They happen to go  great with their new brunch items, like a pulled pork burrito. The tortilla comes with fresh grill marks and filled with well-cooked eggs (often an oversight in a breakfast burrito) filled with smoky pulled pork and jalapenos. A salsa verde and salsa rojo accompany the burrito as well. Other brunch classics appear on the menu, such a rib hash, a smoked salmon wrap (filled their collard greens), and 18th and Vine’s version of huevos rancheros.

But if last night’s drinking did a number on you, 18th and Vine has the ultimate hangover cure: Chipped Beef on Toast. Strips of salted brisket are layered on Texas toast and then covered in white gravy and cheddar. If there is any Fireball still floating in your system, this dish will soak it right up. The best part of the chipped beef was the white gravy. It was thick but packed  so many layers of flavor, I was finding anything on the table to scrap the remaining gravy. I was tempted to just spoon it in my mouth but manners prevailed. I don’t know what Scott Gottlich did but that white gravy should be served on everything.

While brunch is offered on Saturday and Sunday, the Sunday brunch is extra special because you can enjoy your meal with live jazz. It’s a nice touch to listen to good local music while you drink up their bottomless mimosas or their version of a Bloody Mary-a spicy, salty concoction with a hint of smoke that allowed my meal to come full circle.

For those of you who are looking for a real brunch, the hearty rib sticking kind of meal, 18th and Vine is your go to spot.