Food for Thought



We Are the Best of Big D?!

It was an email that could have easily been overlooked; sandwiched in between all the PokemonGo email updates, Candy Crush notifications, and countless other random emails, we saw  the one from D Magazine. The subject line was straightforward: “Congratulations! You’re a Best of Big D Winner!”

We were shocked and confused. Which category did we win? How did we win? Was it a byproduct of all the countless hours building our portfolio? The hundreds of different photos of the exact same angle of slices of brisket?

We had to keep the news quiet until the magazine officially hit the newsstands. But the whole time we questioned the validity of the email - as if someone had the time to play a twisted joke. And when the morning arrived, you rushed to the nearest grocery store but had zero success. We went to bookstores and coffee shops and everyone still had July edition on the shelf.

All we wanted to do was see for ourselves, with our very own eyes, JustEatDallas in print. And once we finally had abandoned all hope and told ourselves we had to wait one more day, we finally came across a copy. And there we were, it was a small blurb on page 75, but it seemed like it was plastered on the big screen in Times Square: Reader’s Pick, Best Instagrammer.

There are so many other Instagrammers in Dallas we would have thought would have won over us, posting pictures of amazing things. And we are just taking pictures of our dinner last night.

But here we are, humbled and appreciative of everyone who shares our passion of a full stomach.  And to celebrate, we are hosting a HUGE giveaway on our Instagram account-click here to enter!