Food for Thought



Game On at Twin Peaks

Packers vs Chicago. Broncos vs Raiders.  Or for us Dallasites-Cowboys vs Eagles.  No matter the game you are looking forward to on Sunday, Twin Peaks has you covered on game day.

With the coldest beer in town (that would be a chilling 29 degrees) and a menu featuring ten new items, we realized we were missing out on adding Twin Peaks to our rotation of spots to host our watching party.

We were recently invited out to kick off the 2016 NFL season and watch the Super Bowl rematch between the Broncos and Panthers.   We had a blast cheering the Broncos onto another win and felt like we were winning ourselves with our meals!  Honestly, we thought they were just "bar food" (and not in a good way) but left satisfied and reset our expectations of the restaurant.  

Next time you are getting the group together to watch your favorite teams face off-don't forget Twin Peaks!