Food for Thought



Can You Dugg It?

If somebody told you that one of Zagat’s best 30 burgers in America was located in Plano, you’d probably run down the list of the usual suspects. But you might be surprised that Dugg Burger is quietly making waves in Dallas since opening their first location in Casa Linda in Dallas. The build-your-own burger shop added a second location near Blue Goose and Kostas Cafe and even managed to squeeze in a small patio perfect for these early fall evenings.

The menu is as simple as can be: choose your protein (beef, chicken, or a portabello), choose your cheese (American, Swiss, Cheddar, or Pepperjack) , and then pick your toppings. It’s similar to The Counter, if you’ve ever been out to the West Coast. But the  kicker that sets Dugg apart is they scoop out the top bun, similar to Bread Zeppelin and their process. The thought process is the bread void can be filled with more toppings without the risk of spillage. It also means a better bread to meat ratio with their brioche buns from the local Empire Bakery.

The burger is cooked on a flat top and is on the thinner side. It may be worth the investment for a second patty, or you can build it like a pro and add the portobello on top of the burger. The burger is simple and seasoned well. The toppings are generous (roasted jalapenos, caramelized onions, bacon, etc..) The fries are crisp and salted and compliment the burger well.

If you aren’t feeling beef, the chicken breast is quite flavorful. Brined in-house and cooked on the flat top, it was packed a lot of flavor and juiciness despite it being on the thin side, similar to to the burger.

If you managed to save room in your stomach, be sure to try one of their shakes: all made with Henry’s Homemade ice cream. Be prepared to fight for yours, they are pretty tasty and you may not want to share. The other dessert option would be Dugg’s bread pudding. Made from the scooped out bread from the brioche buns, the bread pudding is muffin style but covered in a caramel sauce. It’s rich and decadent and a perfect way to end your meal.

*Dugg Burger did invite us out for a complimentary meal with no strings attached and we were so pleased with our experience we wanted to make sure to share it with you.