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Favor Saves the day!

Recently at work I had to hold six of my teammates hostage during a four hour meeting.  Yes you read that correctly, four hours straight.  I knew it was only fair that I provide my team lunch since I kept them captive for so much of their day but I was stuck on what to order.  We have a few delivery spots in our regular rotation-pizza and a boring sandwich spot nearby. I really wanted to give them something better than the usual options but was limited because it had to be delivery since I was stuck in the meeting myself. Recently I have seen a ton of promotion and positive social media posts around Favor so I decided to reach out and see if they could help us liven up our lunch options and they totally came through!

Dallasites are lucky, the Favor app lets you pick from a ton of different spots (so there is something for everyone!) but ultimately I decided on one of my favorite lunch spots-East Hampton Sandwich Co.  Ordering couldn’t have been more simple-the app is easy to navigate and once I had everyone’s choices I placed my order and immediately was connected with my runner, Joshua.

I saw that there was an option to text Joshua directly-I wanted him to know about the security and delivery protocol for our building has since it can be a bit confusing.  I have had failed deliveries in the past so it was a relief to know I could communicate with him directly.  I also noticed on the app that there was a running timeline of what was going on with your order which was helpful so that I was able to make sure I led my meeting into a good breaking point once I saw that he was back en route to my office.

Our food showed up in less than 45 minutes from when I initially placed the order and still hot and fresh. The entire process was so seamless and I couldn’t have been more pleased!  My team was also happy with their lunch and all was forgiven for keeping them in a conference room for four hours. 

Now some details: Yes, there is a fee to utilize Favor so it isn’t cost comparable to getting out and picking up your own food.  That said-if you are at an office like mine where there aren’t many options super close or parking is terrible and you don’t want to deal with trying to find a spot upon your arrival, Favor can help with that!  And if you want to get your first delivery fee waived sign up here and use the promo code ‘JUSTEATDALLAS’


When I reached out to Favor to inquire about how they could help me with my lunch conundrum, they offered to provide lunch for my team.  I was not required, but happy to post an honest review of my experience.  No free lunch would ever break my promise to y'all that I will always be truthful-Favor really is awesome!!