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Guide to Steel City Pops Fall Menu

As the weather gets a little cooler and the mosquitoes start dying off, we’ll get bombarded with pumpkin flavored everything. But it also means a new seasonal tradition begins: Steel City Pops releases their fall flavors. Commence the “Oooohs!” now.

But wait, there’s more! Starting next week, SCP is offering the ability to customize your pops even further (roughly 14,000 different ways)!

You’ll start off with the DIP. Whether you want it dipped entirely in your choice of chocolate (milk, white, and dark) or you can opt for a diagonal or a half dip as well.

Next comes the DREDGE and that is showering your pop in your choice of toppings (Pecans,Peanuts,Pistachios,Toasted Coconut, Gluten‐free chocolate cookie crumbs, Gluten‐free graham cracker crumbs).

The third step is the DRIZZLE, a squeeze bottle full of caramel or white/dark/milk chocolate adorning your masterpiece creation of a pop.

And then a DUST of even more flavors (Cinnamon,Cocoa,Nutmeg,Sea Salt,Cayenne,Espresso) to finish your customized Steel City Pop.

But the most important part is the final D - DEVOUR. It’s a shame that something so pretty will be gone in only a few minutes. The new dipping stations will be available starting October 20th!

                                                                                                   *Photo courtesy of Steel City Pops

                                                                                                  *Photo courtesy of Steel City Pops

But to help with your decision making on your pop flavor (to eat alone or to customize), here is your handy guide to Steel City Pops fall flavors:

Fruity Pops

Cinnamon Apple - a flavor years in the making through countless hours of research and trial & error, this pop is basically a delicious frozen cinnamon applesauce.

Cranberry Orange - Steel City Pops basically purchases the entire crop from an organic cranberry farm in New Hampshire to make this pop.  

Bosc Pear with Honey - inspired by a recipe from the owner’s grandmother, the bits of pears are highlighted with honey from Sunnyvale.

Hibiscus - a sweet, fruity pop of nostalgia and a nod to traditional Mexican paletas.

Plum with Rosemary - the texture of the plums comes with a subtle hint of rosemary. Herbs and fruit are an often unused, but ideal combination.

Rhubarb - You read that right, just rhubarb. It’s not mixed in with any other fruit and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it tastes sorta like pink lemonade.

Orange Mint Green Tea - you will almost always see a seasonal tea flavor on SCP’s menu because they are a big hit and this is no exception.

Strawberry Fig - Also inspired by their grandmother’s jelly, this delicious pop uses Turkish figs for a pop of flavor.  Pun intended.

Creamy Pops

Carrot Cake - a carrot cake with zero gluten? They made it happen and even use cheese from the Mozzarella Company.  Basically you are eating carrot cake in pop form.

Pumpkin - is it even fall if you don't have pumpkin? The creamy texture of the pumpkin gives it that silky pumpkin pie feel.

Tomatillo Yogurt - the greek yogurt is highlighted by the licorice flavor of star anise and is a unique flavor to try at least once (and you may be surprised to find it is your new favorite).

Butter Pecan - just perfect.  That is all you need to know.

Cashew - This dairy free pop has a strong coconut and cashew flavor, in a good way. Perfect opportunity to dip it in chocolate and make your almond joy (except with cashews).

Toasted Marshmallow - if you could only eat the torched, crispy sugar from the creme brulee.  Oh wait-this is it and we want all of them.

Maple Bacon with Bourbon - the maple syrup is nicely flavored with Woodford Reserve bourbon and accentuated with the saltiness of the applewood smoked bacon.

Smoked Fig with Cheese - the creaminess of the cheese and the sweetness of the Mission figs makes this a great pop to eat with a nice glass of Port.

So there you have it folks-the new fall lineup from Steel City Pops.  Tell us, what is your favorite?


Steel City Pops invited us to their fall menu tasting party. While the gorgeous settings and tasty(free)pops were an immense treat, them wooing us in no way swayed our opinions. We just really love (and always have) Steel City Pops.