Food for Thought



Honestly, Let's Be Honest

Any blogger/Instagrammer that is worth following has a disclosure policy, not only to protect themselves but also so that their followers can trust that their words aren't being said only because they are getting paid to say something.

Over here at Just Eat Dallas, we have a very simple disclosure policy-we will never ever be dishonest in our reviews and if something has been provided to us or we have been sponsored, we will be upfront.

Easy peasy, right?  Well recently we were messaged by an Instagram follower wondering if our review of Cafe Momentum was paid for by the company or if we really liked it that much.  No it wasn't paid for, and yes-we loved our experience there.

Along those lines-our disclosure policy is not our only policy.  Our mission is to share with you the best of Dallas (and surrounding areas), what is worth spending your precious dollars on.  So we have an informal policy to only share the best-which means that nearly all of our reviews will be on the positive side.

We hope that no reader ever feels that we are being dishonest because we are always singing praises of the eateries we frequent-we just choose to not share with you the misses, unless we feel it would be a complete disservice to you not to.  We get that every place has a bad day now and then and we would never want, as influencers of the Dallas foodie scene, to take away even one customer because of an off day.

We adore our followers and will never mislead them, nor be dishonest.  It just doesn't sit well in our stomach, unlike all of the delicious food we eat.